What is the “mind”? Most people think the mind is the Brain! Do you also tend to think that? The exciting TRUTH is that NO ONE REALLY KNOWS what mind really is or even the BRAIN- How and why they work the way they do!

The brain is a physical muscle that runs our physical life. For the sake of having a common reference point, let’s use the term ‘mind’ as a fluid concept devoid of any meaning…

The brain has several differentiated functions. The two major division in function is evident from the Right and left brain hemispheres.

Right-Left Brain Functions

The same way we classify the mind according to functions of its effects on our body or behaviors. We may also differentiate between a Conscious Mind and other than conscious part of the mind.

The conscious side of the mind is where we are aware of what we pay attention to at any moment of wakeful states. On the other side, your unconscious mind is that part of you that pays attention to everything and runs all the functions of the body that are involuntary or instinctive.

This is not scientific, metaphysical or religious teaching here. Ideally, my endeavor is to help you and guide you to explore your mind and have the experiences of life that you want and deserve. For academic intellectual wankers check-up Neurosciences on Wikipedia.

Since William James, Sigmund Freud, Carl G.Jung and Alfred Adler The philosophy of mind has evolved to the point of changing the previous beliefs and fallacies of how the human mind really works.

Just like our technological know-how has evolved from mechanical to nano, to analog to digital. So too has the knowledge of the subtle realms of sciences – Like quantum physics, biology and chemistry, that enable the endless possibilities of exploring our inner worlds and also outer space.

A model

The iceberg

Let us explore the ‘mind’ from the analogy above

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