Bushido to wa shinu koto to mitsuketari

Sometimes what matters most in the life of a man is not how how he died, what matters is who he was, what he stood for, how he lived what he aspired for that is what distinguishes great souls who have touched the lives of others positively.

Bruce Lee inspired me through his movies, attitudes towards life and his philosophy!

In the pursuit of the WAY of the Martial Arts there are many half backed masters who become barriers to the true teachings of the Martial Arts!

To see through ones own limitations and to actualize ones true potential and above everything else to enable others to get through to the ultimate of being human (far beyond just a fighter!) is to really be a finger that points to the heavenly glory without obstructing the truth.

Like the great Japanese Poet Matsuo Basho wrote;

“Natsugusa ya ,tsuamono domo ga, yume no ato”

Ah! Summer grasses!
All that remains
Of the warriors’ dreams.

by Matsuo Bassho 1644-1694

“It is far much better to be a man of freedom and an artist of life than to be a great fighter”

The buddha said , “It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles…

I came across this article here How Did Bruce Lee Die?

Of all the theories of Bruce Lees Death.

Most plausible cause of Bruce’s death I’ve come across so far is this you tube channel ;https://youtu.be/4adKfP-wxfk?t=9

I do think pushing the body to the extreme has long term consequences. When you train your muscles to the extreme like Bruce did you can cause extreme strain to inner functions. Organs, Blood vessels, hormonal balance etc.

Training HARD is not enough. You have to get results without compromising your life!!

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