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B.m.r is short for Basal Metabolic Rate. The rate at which energy (calories) is used for essential life functions. Most of the involuntary things that your body does to keep you alive such as breathing, blood circulation, body temperature regulation, your nervous system, the beating of your heart, etc.

Basal metabolism does not include the energy you need to work out, train, or do your daily chores. You still need energy even when you don’t do anything the whole day and sleep…..

A sluggish metabolism is a major contributor to keeping body fat as energy. So the choice of food you take should increase your metabolism.

When your food energy intake is less than your Natural BMR, then the body ceases to function normally. An example of this is the YoYo effect of diets. When your diet goes under your BMR, you may lose weight, the body shuts down or slows down your metabolism to keep you alive, when you eat normally again, the body stores everything you eat as fat to keep for the future…

As a way to assess your nutritional need, BMR is not a medical health diagnosis or recommendation. Knowing your BMR is the first step to checking up on your nutritional requirements. ( The energy or calories you need to stay alive, work, relax, or engage in fitness exercises and sports)

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