Training wisely is rare. There are not many well qualified and experienced fitness trainers in the world. Most enthusiastic and energetic trainers do not last long in the field because they burn-out and give up or move on to other careers with onsetting age.

It is not easy to keep own energy and motivation up and uplift not so enthusiastic clients especially in cheap chain fitness studios.

Training Functionally Is essential for your overall well-being. Overexertion and straining of muscles have negative consequences. It is not sensible to work out with a 120Kg Dumbbell or Barbell twice a week for your health while you work 8-10 Hours Daily in an office!

First – It is a waste of Resources; Time, and energy!

Why? Because when you train hard with weights the body has to compensate, build bigger muscles. Bigger muscles will require that you eat more than average…

Second – It is not sustainable!

Even extremely thoroughly trained Olympic athletes to loose their performance condition as quickly as 3 weeks without training. And there is nothing pitiful than to see a once top fit athlete crippled or overweight in their ripe age…There are many examples, search the newspapers…

Thirdly – The body and mind form a unit. They affect each other. If your training is onesided (i.e emphasize the body and neglect the mind) At a certain point, one will revolt and hijack the other :-)! Yes! You can come up with thousand of excuses or psychosomatic complaints to avoid exercising!

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