Training According to the Sports you take part in. For example, a Boxer does not train like a wrestler or a marathon runner does not train like a bodybuilder… Each sport places demands on different parts of the body muscles and bones. The ability to perform well and excel in every sports activity takes dedication, perseverance and the correct training that is specifically aimed to prepare the body to perform at optimum levels.

In Sports Elite Athletes Train intensively according to specific programs and plans. They have “In-season training” which is training during active competitions. And “Off-season Training” which is training to maintain muscle condition as well as recover from the intensive exertion that their particular sport and specialty demands…

Fitness training for well-being or just a balanced lifestyle where the body and mind are working efficiently and in harmony requires a plan and a well-executed strategy. A well-planned fitness program considers, Age, Occupation, lifestyle, correct nutrition, and recovery phases to make a person fit and maintain the fitness for a lifetime.

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