Often overlooked in Fitness Training Programs are the role of Gender, Muscle differences, and the inherent Bio-chemical influences of the hormones in Men and Women.

The myth of the fittest man

Women require different numbers of repetitions for muscle training than men! Often the muscle endurance and pain threshold for certain types of exercises is incomparable.

we all have different goals and outcomes in mind when we start on fitness or nutritional program. Whether we train for health reasons because the doctor said we are in danger of major health issues or we train for our own vain reasons of showing off a sculpted Beachbody. We do require certain approaches that would give us the appropriate results.

Some men want to look physically strong and muscular while some women want to look and feel attractive, strong but feminine!

Beach body!

How Can we balance the different requirements in physical, emotional, mental and functional demands of the different gender requirements? How can you train your muscles effectively as a woman without making your shoulders wide like a bodybuilder?

Knowing about various aspects like the hormonal releases of Testosterone and oestrogen is vital to the way your body builds muscles with the anabolic and catabolic effects.

Training for aesthetic symmetry requires paying particular attention to the small muscles and the big muscles as well as training them in equal measures to keep proportions equal.

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