Body fat is a form of stored energy at best. Having ‘enough’ body fat is healthy for the body. It depends on what type the functions of the fat!

What is body fat? It is probably not what you have been told or lead to believe. Check out this youtube video from an expert: Mathematics of weightloss

Certain Body fat is vital for health. The fat that provides for absorption of vitamin A, D, E & K are essential. Fat-soluble vitamins will not dissolve in water. Instead, fat-soluble vitamins absorb best when taken with higher-fat foods. Once absorbed into the body, fat-soluble vitamins are stored in fatty tissues and liver….
There are four types of fat-soluble vitamins read the whole article there.

Apart from energy storage, fat serves as a cushion for inner organs, insulation against cold & heat and some function to keep the arteries protected by corrosive acidic blood flow!

With the modern lifestyles of highly acidic foods, coffees, sugars, etc. the body produces cholesterol as a protection for the arteries… And here comes the BAD – the overproduction of cholesterol leads to arteries blockages and a high risk of heart-related problems!

The two major types of fat deposits are The Visceral fat which is found on and around inner organs and the subcutaneous fat which is found under the skin.

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The worst and ugliest of the body fat is the excessive inner storage of fat around the organs like the heart! It not only put unnecessary weight and strain to the heart and hinders the normal functioning, it causes serious heart-related diseases like hypertension, heart failures etc let’s get clear on one thing, THIS IS NOT A MEDICAL DIAGNOSTIC OR ADVICE SITE/BLOG.

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The Way out of Obesity and overweight is by a combination of eating correctly and getting active. Stop drinking sweetened beverages, alcohol, sweets, hidden sugars in cakes, biscuits… nearly everything processed has hidden simple sugars! Choosing the right kind of food for your energy requirement is most important. Next is getting active! and then start on a fitness program that is suitable for you!

When you have no medical issues, start exercising or moving slowly, take the stairs, instead of the elevator, walk when you go shopping, find any reason to walk/breath enjoy life!

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