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Welcome to this simple and powerful accelerated learning course that will help you experience powerful changes. Please note, this is a course for adults. You must be fully responsible, fully aware and consenting to get the full benefits described here. The principles you will learn here are for your own personal use and to be used with a willing consenting adult partner. Here is an overview of the course material.

imagine a sensual massage…
  • Self-hypnosis – All hypnosis is basically self-hypnosis. The concept of mind is broad indeed. To simplify we divide the mind into two sections according to their functions. The conscious mind is what we use normally in a deliberate aware sense and the unconscious mind is all the other aspects of your mind that you are not aware of consciously. Hypnosis is the art and science of leading someone to the unconscious awareness deliberately to make manifest the internal behaviors that are normally beyond conscious awareness.

  • Synaesthesia: Playing with sensations and whole-body sensations. How to minimize, alienate, dissipate, distribute, or amplify sensations.
  • Playing with emotions – Emotional triggers and inner pictures, changing feeling, and intensifying emotions!
  • Playing with pleasure – Pleasure accesses, Vicarious experiences and DTI Enhancing pleasure sensations, Ultimate pleasure experiences, and anchoring
  • Conditioning with pleasure; Training and conditioning the mind with pleasure, changing context, and meaning of things. Behavioral changes, Personality changes
  • Lifetimes – Past, Present, and Future – Past lives, time-line, the life-time of experiences rehearsals, clearing up past emotional hurts, coal, and diamond mining (energy resources to use in the present), and building a compelling future.
  • Human Factor – Being Fully Human Now! – Living your life fully, in excellence and freedom!
Primal Masculine & Primal Feminine

PERSONAL POWER: – How To Become Powerful, Influential, and Persuasive

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