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  • The Power Of Conversational Hypnosis
  • Beyond Rapport & Signal recognitions
  • Hypnotic Language Foundations
  • The Authority Strategy
  • Emotional Triggers Controlling Inner Pictures and Feelings
  • Advanced Hypnotic Language
  • How To Destroy Resistance With Stories part 1
  • Covert Inductions- How to deal directly with the unconscious mind
  • How To destroy resistance with stories part 2
  • Advanced Frame Control – How to irresistibly lead any interaction
  • Covert Trance Formulars – Getting What You Want
  • How To Master Covert Hypnosis


  • Stealth Tactics
  • Advanced Secrets To Bypass Resistance
  • Covert Hypnosis in Action – Super hypnotic storyteller
  • The hypnotic storyteller code

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