a lot has been written about Bruce Lee, his life, his legacy, his death etc…

Many martial artists can claim inspiration from his movies, his attitude, his training method; “The Way of The Intercepting Fist”

Talking about Bruce Lee, knowing about Bruce Lee or quoting his writing/philosophy of life is one thing. Really connecting with the ideals he exemplified in his teaching is truly becoming a student of life!

“Like a finger pointing at the moon…” if your focus is on Bruce Lee the actor, Martial artist. You do not see the glory of what he really stood for as a human being! His strive/endeavor was to actualize his potential as an ARTIST OF LIFE” He was always learning and evolving himself…

His writing are the most inspiring and guiding principles you can find in the way of the Martial arts. And if you are still holding on to your boat/style as a martial artist, think again. The important use of a boat ist to take you to the other side! Its up to you to get off the boat and explore the other side of the river…

I think Bruce Lee was far more wiser than most people would ascribe, especially the teachers and masters of his style! I read in one of his books that he closed down his schools because he did not want to have followers hanging on a schools name than exploring the vast methods/ways of expressing the human body…. (Art of Expressing the human body or The Artist of Life, tao of Jeet Kune Do)

It is a pity that Philosophy which was the Greek work for the study in wisdom has been relegated to theory and academic discourses with no relation to practical use! Bruce Lee put the Martial arts Philosophy into practical usage!

Much Respect to A Great Human Being, Martial Artist, Actor and inspiration who made a great contribution to this world in usage of his time in this world.

Read the Amazing legacy of his lifehttps://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bruce_Lee

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