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 A Full Fitness Assessment  and Test By A Personal Trainer is not A Medical clearance. seek relevant experts in the various diagnosis methods if you are in doubt about your health before you start on any fitness program.

Now you may order or visit some centers for medical checkups and relevant advice.
Physical or mental issues may affect how you train and which approach to training would be most beneficial to you.  Getting a clear and accurate diagnosis of your inner health and physical wellbeing is the best way to start!
The way to be certain about the content of your blood, your metabolism and hereditary issues is more assessed by  medical experts. Check here now for more information:
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Fitness assessment is mostly estimations based on general formulas and are not facts or correct indications of health!
Take the BMI – Body mass index for example. It is a generally accepted method to estimate ones fitness from their height and weight. the body mass index gives a wide estimate where you stand in relation to a person of same height or weight! Sometimes it is so off the chart because there are 7 billion people on this planet and each person is individual and unique! No two people are exactly alike. There are too many variables in any one person to just set a standardized measurement.
Hereditary factors such as big bone skeletal structures, wide hips or other unique physical characteristics rules out the BMI alone as a measurement or indicator of fitness or wellbeing.


BMR- stands for Basal metabolic rate. It is an assessment  and measurement of how much energy your body requires to function properly. Also based on a  formula that considers your age and gender. It is also an estimate, not factual or accurate. It will give you an approximate of how much calories you need for your height weight gender  activities and age factors.
This helps in setting up a nutrition plan where you may estimate how many calories to set up for each meal so as to create a balance that helps you achieve your desired outcomes.
For example, if your goal is to get slim, and weigh less by eating correctly. You create a negative energy balance where your Basic energy requirement to sustain your life is covered and you eat enough to enable your work and leisure time. the extra energy that you might have stored as body fat will be used up by your extra activities. (Not necessarily, sports, fitness training, jogging etc)

Use the Tools on the right to assess your  Bmi And bmr

There are  more methods to assess and estimate levels of fitness.
nowadays, a bathroom weigh might have a bio impedance function. this is a way to find out how much body  fat, muscles mass you have in your body using a weak electric charge through your body. (See my fitness assessment video for a demo)
With a tape measure. the circumference of your waist and hips – the W:H method is also another was to estimate your “fitness” there are various measurement points like the neck, arms, thighs etc. Most popular approach is the US army 7 & 9 points measurement system. See table:
The calipers method is used to estimate the subcutaneous body fat. this is the fat under the skin.
By pinching certain parts of the body and measuring the millimetres  of body tissue you can find out how much fat might be present under the skin. After checking the various point, a mean average is made and checked against tables and statistics.
A more accurate way to assess body mass is by the amount of water you displace in a bathtub! Done in special bathtubs with known volume of water and a measuring standard, the amount of water you displace from the tub is equal to your body mass.
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– BPM Formula
– VO2 VOLUME – Spiroergometry
– ORM – The one rep maximum
– Reach method
– R.O.M – Range of motion
While a thorough medical or fitness assessment is not a prerequisite to starting training sensibly, it is always better to start wisely. take precautions, start easily nad be thoroughly informed!
For vigorous sports  of any kind or extreme sports, a full medical check is amust! For best results with a nutritional plan, get a full diagnostic too where you will know the biochemical factors of your blood.
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